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Culture, values and behaviours

Our values are that we always act with fairnessintegrity and respect, and deliver policing with professionalismcompassion and a strong victim focus.

To deliver our mission and create the culture we want, we will:

  • Ensure Humberside Police continues to be a place where our people feel engaged, can be themselves and are proud to work for an organisation that our communities trust.
  • Empower our staff and communities to have a voice, which is listened to and that makes a difference.
  • Continue to pursue innovation so that it is seen as a big part of who we are.

We recognise that the public come first, but how we involve, value and treat our staff is fundamental to us ensuring that we can serve our communities to make them safer and stronger. Every single person in Humberside Police has a role to play in bringing these values to life.


Our staff are the key to our success, we will:

Support and promote the health, wellbeing and psychological safety of our staff

  • To support their physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Create an environment where people are developed and talent is recognised, encouraging them to be accountable, take personal responsibility, recognising problems and responding quickly with solutions

Retain and develop the best people

  • Through a culture of continuous improvement and organisational learning, provide our staff with the skills they require to respond to the increasingly complex demands that we face.
  • Develop diverse leaders who lead by example, are positive role models and who gain trust and respect by actively listening to the needs of their staff and the communities we serve.

Be an employer of choice

  • Build on our reputation as a great place to work
  • Attract, recruit and retain talented and passionate people who reflect our diverse communities and our values.


To continuously improve and deliver sustained excellence, we will:

Provide communities and victims with excellent service, supporting people through their experiences whilst conducting investigations professionally with vigour and transparency

  • Effectively align our resources to meet both current and future demand
  • Develop the most effective and efficient working practices to deliver value for money

Drive innovation and transformation

  • Support our staff to proactively put forward new ideas about how to work better and improve performance.
  • Continue our commitment to support change initiatives and new ideas.
  • Continue with our investment in digital innovation to transform our services.
  • Effectively analyse and apply data to ensure the most efficient use of resources

Apply organisational learning

  • Continue to learn and develop from what has gone well and what has not gone so well
  • Create a safe and transparent learning environment that allow us to clarify and verify the outcomes of our actions


To provide the right services, we will:

Be accessible to, and engage with, our partners

  • Work together with our communities, partners, third sector organisations and volunteers to deliver services that improve people’s lives.
  • Work with partners to ensure that we can identify, assess and effectively manage the most vulnerable in our communities and jointly provide long-term solutions.

Understand and prioritise the needs and demands in our communities

  • Recognise the diverse challenges of our communities, responding to those who require our help and that of our partners, ensuring we work together to protect those who are most vulnerable.

Through effective partnership working

  • Work together to develop effective preventative strategies and services which focus on multi agency delivery.
  • Utilising early intervention, work to ensure those in need of additional support will receive the right care by the right organisation


Continue to serve our communities to make them safer and stronger:

Deliver a visible and accessible police service

Continue our focus on a place based policing service that has victims at its core.
• Our Neighbourhood Policing Teams will lead on the delivery of Problem Orientated Policing, incorporating early intervention and crime prevention, supported by the wider organisation.
Prevent, reduce and investigate crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB) Provide a victim focused service and safeguard vulnerable people.
• Deliver proactive and preventative activities to reduce crime and ASB, including the proactive management of offenders.
• Continue to proactively target and disrupt organised crime groups
Continue to build trust and confidence
• We will communicate openly and honestly with the public, ensuring that our actions and intentions align.
• Give a voice to our communities by actively seeking and listening to their feedback to improve our response in line with their needs.
• Ensure that we treat everyone with fairness, respect and compassion.









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