Senior Mobile Software Development Engineer 120 views

What you’ll do

  • You’ll work as part of a self-organised Mobile engineering team to design and develop software features that are delightful and vital to the lives of credit card consumers across all walks of life
  • You’ll work with the engineering manager (and the team) to evaluate technical risks and technology choices
  • Be a technical evangelist both within the team and outside, coaching and/or mentoring other more junior engineers as appropriate
  • Write well-factored, well-tested code both in the Android app and backend orchestration services
  • Work with senior engineers across other teams to ensure that our mobile offering stays compelling both for end-users and for the engineers working on it
  • Maintain a strong questioning (but diplomatic!) attitude about the way things are and a relentless focus on making it better by driving best current engineering practices across Capital One mobile communities of practice.
  • Your focus is on a major portion of existing or new team software (e.g., significant component, set of features, mid-size application or service)
  • You’ll work to achieve the goals and vision shared by Product Management and your more senior Tribe community
  • Innovate within your team, initiative area and contribute within your technical domain
  • Be a helpful, approachable and inquisitive problem-solver with excellent technical, supportive and communication skills and a demonstrable track record of continuous learning and improvement, to help us deliver frequent releases of high quality software in a complex regulated environment.

What we’re looking for:

  • Strong programming skills with a good working knowledge of Swift and modern iOS toolsets like Git, Xcode, XCTest, XCUITest and Jenkins
  • A capable, technical lead, who is willing to help grow and guiding more junior engineers towards appropriate target architectures
  • Diverse technical experience, perhaps with a history moving from backend engineering to iOS/Android
  • You’re excited by the cloud/AWS and the opportunities that it brings
  • You’re able to effectively communicate and work together across engineering to maximise inner-sourcing opportunities and reduce waste
  • You’ll have a proven ability to deliver high quality applications at scale
  • You’re an advocate for quality and can support the team leveraging approaches such as Pair Programming, TDD and BDD
  • An interest in learning new languages, tools, libraries and frameworks
  • An interest in static typing and reactive programming
  • Knowledge of at least one dynamically typed language

What you’ll get to learn (any previous experience would be advantageous) 

  • Working with the cloud/AWS and the opportunities that it brings
  • Solving real world problems and being comfortable working in a complex regulated environment

Where and how you’ll work

This is a permanent position and will be based in our London office. We’ve adopted a flexible hybrid working model – one that creates the opportunity to work in your own way, but also provides great spaces for in-person collaboration.

Our core in-the-office days are Tuesday to Thursday, but they aren’t mandatory – you’ll be led by your team, the type of work you do and of course your preferences. Many of our team have flexible working patterns so we’re open to discuss flexible working arrangements with you.

You can read more about the full announcement from our Founder and CEO Rich Fairbank here: Update on

We are committed to creating a level playing field and seek to create teams that are representative of our customers and the communities we serve.  We’d love to hear from you if you identify with a typically under-represented group in our industry and are particularly keen to hear from women and ethnic minority candidates.

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