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The Deployment team is responsible for deploying our Universal Autonomy product, in its many forms, to customers across the globe. This ranges from Proof of Concept demonstrations with our own vehicles to supporting functional deployments with our software deployed on client vehicles around the world.

This involves deploying and debugging our software product in novel and diverse environments. With a strong knowledge foundation, inquisitive mind set and attention to detail we succeed in taking development code into the field to address customer needs and turn our autonomy stack into their solutions.

Your core accountabilities will include:


  • Integrating cutting edge software and/or hardware onto Oxbotica platforms to showcase the forefront of our technology to customers whilst continually driving autonomy development internally.
  • Developing and refining the end-to-end autonomy system such that the software and hardware work seamlessly together on vehicles for on-road and off-road domains.
  • Applying your robotics knowledge to direct thorough systematic technical investigations to specify the root cause of any issues and work with software and hardware development teams to provide robust and reliable solutions.
  • You will identify and strategise areas of improvement for efficiency and scalability with the AV fleet to ensure sustainable growth, iterative development, and rapid deployment.

Leadership and Management

  • Leading technical direction within Deployment.
  • Educating and mentoring members in Deployment
  • Planning, reviewing, and highlighting technical risk or scope creep against project and program requirements
  • Supporting vehicle test engineers and early career roboticists to interrogate and test appropriately before deployment to new domains and locations
  • Attendance in leadership and development training.


  • Designing, generating and reviewing high-quality, written, technical reports and visual media which represent the best results achievable by Oxbotica.
  • Designing, generating and reviewing documents that address the requirements, objectives, constraints and functions of a proposed project/deliverable.


  • Liaising with leaders throughout the company to understand the overall drive, direction and technical requirements of the company, and how that impacts and steers the technical direction within Deployment.
  • You will collaborate with a broad spectrum or Oxbotica including commercial, test, development, and product teams to set system requirements and improve new platforms, applications for all environments.


What you need to succeed:

  • Demonstrable capability in field robotics gained through delivering multiple robotics projects over a significant period of time
  • A deep understanding of complex systems and an appreciation of how components of these systems interact with each other and with the real world through hardware interfaces.
  • A solid understanding of setting requirements, test definition and execution for complex systems.
  • Demonstrable exposure to C++ and Python in industry or in field robotics
  • Ability to mentor early career engineers.
  • Able to work flexibly and adapt your approach with shifting priorities.
  • A passion for problem solving

Extra kudos if you have:

  • Defined safety critical operational procedures
  • A degree (or equivalent) in Engineering/Robotics/Computer Science/GIS or related subject
  • Exposure to the real-world issues inherent in a minimum of one of these domains: perception, scene understanding, prediction, or planning algorithms.
  • Worked with large codebases
  • Worked in highly technical or scientific environments.
  • Delivered a product/application/service to a customer (including business, internal or consumer customers)
  • A deep understanding of robotics as a system
  • Understanding of the physics of sensing technology for autonomous vehicles (i.e. LiDAR, RADAR).
  • Worked with large datasets

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