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Flexible working and compressed hours available

£35,534 – £44,903

You’re less dry martini; more dry the dishes with a good podcast. You’ve never driven 200mph, but you do have 200 Pinterest boards. Well, join the club. We’re MI6, and we’re looking for social media scrollers, bookworms, tech-obsessed geeks, and curious minds to be our new Intelligence Officers.

So what’s involved? Well, you’ll be using that intellectual curiosity of yours to help gather, deliver and use intelligence that helps people all over the world. At the same time, you’ll also use your gift with people to build strong relationships. Working with government departments and agents at home and overseas, you’ll be helping keep our nation safe and secure.

And speaking of safe and secure, that’s exactly what you’ll be too. Despite what you might think, being an MI6 Intelligence Officer isn’t dangerous. You might meet an informant for a chat in a cafe, but the only thing you need to worry about is which coffee you want.

In fact, we’re not just safe – we’re family-friendly. You’ll have benefits like shared parental leave; paid special leave to look after your family; flexible working as the norm. Our Officers are contactable throughout the day too – no going incommunicado here – so if your partner locks themselves out of the house (again), you’re only a phone call away.

More than that, you’re never alone at work either: you’ve got a whole network of support around you. There are affinity groups and support groups for gender, ethnicity, disability working parents – and on top of that, you’ll have ample mentors along your journey.

That’s because when you join MI6 as an Intelligence Officer, it isn’t one job (or one double-0 title) for life. You’re free to change roles, explore new skills, and move up and around our organisation. You’ll have training and development to help you do all that, from your initial development training to the resources on offer throughout your career with us.

So, geeks of the world: your day is finally here – because tomorrow’s Bond is just like you. If you’re an avid learner; a people person; if you throw yourself into learning new things every day, you’ll be welcome here, whoever you are. After all, our Intelligence Officers are of every culture, every background, every gender identity. The thing that unites us as a team? We’re protecting the world, the way only geeks can. Secretly, we’re just like you.

Apply now to become an MI6 Intelligence Officer.

At MI6 diversity and inclusion are critical to our mission. To protect the UK, we need a truly diverse workforce that reflects the society we serve. This includes diversity in every sense of the word: those with different backgrounds, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, ways of thinking and those with disabilities or neurodiverse conditions. We therefore welcome and encourage applications from everyone, including those from groups that are under-represented in our workforce. 

To be eligible to apply, you must be a British Citizen. One of your parents must be a British Citizen or must have one of the nationalities or citizenships from one of the following: British Overseas Territory, British Subject, British National (Overseas), British Overseas Citizen, British Protected Person, citizenship of a country in the Commonwealth, citizenship of a country in the European Economic Area (EEA), or citizenship of the United States of America (USA). If deceased, they should have had such citizenship or nationality before death. If you hold dual nationality, of which one component is British, you will nonetheless be considered. If successful, you will not normally be required to give up your non-British citizenship but, as a condition of your employment or secondment, MI6 may impose restrictions on your postings, work travel and/or general use of that nationality. Candidates must normally have been resident in the UK for seven out of the last ten years. This is particularly important if you were born outside the UK. Each case will be carefully considered on its own facts. You can apply at the age of 17 years and 6 months, if successful you will not be offered a start date prior to your 18th birthday. Discretion is vital. You should not discuss your application, other than with your partner or a close family member. Please note, you should only launch your application from within the UK. If you are based overseas, you should wait until you visit the UK to launch an application. Applying from outside of the UK will impact on our ability to progress your application. Further information on our eligibility criteria can be found on the Applying section.  

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