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We’ve been helping investors for over 25 years. We’ve seen market highs and lows and been resilient throughout. We’re now the UK’s number one flat-fee investment platform, with assets under administration approaching £55 billion and over 400,000 customers.

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It’s simple … we want our customers to feel confident and in control, for interactive investor to go from strength to strength, and for ii to be a workplace where we can all thrive. Our customer-driven approach and bold values sit at the heart of this. We are honest, straight-talking, and transparent with our customers and our colleagues. We are decisive and take ownership of what we say and deliver. We are ambitious and passionate about what we believe is right for our customers, our teams, ourselves, and interactive investor.


As the Data Analytics and Insights Manager at interactive investor, you are responsible for Data Analysis and Reporting across departments across the business, with an initial specific focus on our Commercial, Product, and Delivery teams.   Interactive investor previously used a federated model for Data Analysis so your role will be to bring together Data Analysts from Product and Commercial teams creating a new centre of excellence for business intelligence and management information.

You will lead a team of Data Analysts and work with stakeholders across the business to generate insights that drive commercial success, product enhancements, optimise customer experiences, and improve operational efficiency.   You will be responsible for managing workloads and ensuring alignment with strategic priorities – then by efficient use of resources you will expand the team’s scope to cover management information and insights for other areas of the business, for example, Customer Services and Operations teams.

Your role also covers Analytics Engineering, so you are responsible for our web and mobile analytics platforms and framework, including Google Marketing Cloud, BigQuery, Optimizely, ContentSquare, HotJar, etc – ensuring customer journeys are thoroughly instrumented through a coherent analytics framework and tagging strategy (both client and server-side). You will lead a specialised team in managing and configuring these platforms. A critical aspect of your role is upholding data protection standards, including GDPR compliance.  You will collaborate with compliance, information security, and legal teams to ensure adherence to all relevant data protection regulations.

As a manager, you will lead and mentor your team using your skills and capabilities to deliver insights from business intelligence and management information at a fast pace whilst ensuring accuracy of results.

The initial team will comprise a mix of 10 data analysts and engineers.  The role demands a dynamic balance of responsibilities – both hands-on analysis and technical oversight of platforms and frameworks, and a focus on leadership tasks, including strategic planning, team mentorship, and stakeholder management.  The manager should be prepared to adapt this balance as the team scales and business needs evolve.

You will work in the Data and Innovation team and closely with Data Engineering (to improve data models and ensure alignment of metrics across the business) and Innovation and Strategy (to prove future growth through insights).



  • Strategic Data Vision: Develop and implement a comprehensive data analytics strategy that aligns with the company’s overarching goals and objectives.
  • Digital Analytics & Governance: Manage integration of Digital Analytics platforms (including Google Marketing Cloud, BigQuery, Optimizely, ContentSquare, HotJar, etc) ensuring data quality, consistency, and compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Data-Driven Culture: Drive the use of data throughout the organisation, promoting self-serve with internal users.
  • Cross-functional Collaboration: Collaborate closely with Commercial, Product, Technology, Customer Services, and Operations teams to identify opportunities where data can drive improvements and innovations. Work closely with data analysts and subject matter experts to monitor the quality of data produced by the platform and continuously improve this.
  • Product Development & Enhancement: Drive data-driven product development initiatives, identifying key features and improvements to enhance user experience and market competitiveness. This will be done across both digital and non-digital journeys.
  • Customer Insights & Personalisation: Utilise advanced analytics to derive actionable insights into customer behaviour, preferences, and needs, enabling the creation of personalised and targeted experiences. Map out data personas and consumer profiles to support decision making.
  • Operational Optimization: Implement data-driven solutions to streamline operational processes, reduce inefficiencies, and enhance overall productivity.
  • Performance Monitoring & Reporting: Establish and monitor KPIs, leveraging data metrics to track, analyse, and report on product performance and customer satisfaction (amongst other performance metrics).
  • Continuous Learning: You are expected to stay informed of the latest trends and advancements in data analytics, continuously updating your knowledge of new techniques and tools to maintain the team’s competitive edge.



  • Data Proficiency: Expertise in data analysis and reporting tools (PowerBI & SQL), data modelling, data visualisation, and statistical analysis.
  • Analytics Platforms: Expertise in analytics platforms, including Google Marketing Cloud, BigQuery, Optimizely, ContentSquare, HotJar, etc
  • Project Management: Proven track record in leading complex data-related projects with a focus on timely delivery and effective resource management.
  • Stakeholder Management: Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to collaborate effectively with diverse teams and stakeholders.
  • Strategic Thinking: Ability to align data initiatives with broader business strategies and translate insights into actionable plans.


  • Advanced Analytics: Knowledge of machine learning, predictive modelling, AI applications, and their relevance in optimising products and services.
  • Financial Industry Insight: Familiarity with financial data sources, industry-specific metrics, and regulatory compliance within the financial sector.
  • Cloud Computing: Experience in implementing solutions on cloud computing platforms e.g., AWS, Azure, GCP

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