Data Analyst – People & Reporting

The Data Analyst – People & Reporting will be a key member of the HR team, providing analytical focus and coordinated execution across reporting and metrics.  The Data Analyst will work closely with all members of the team in the preparation of weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting; including KPI reporting and business metrics and Board reporting. This will involve the setting up of standard reporting models, leveraging existing and new systems to better automate data capture and modelling which will include the writing of queries, building of dashboards and other data visualisation techniques. The purpose of all this activity is to surface and maintain structured, usable data to report performance and enable sound decision making.

Core Competencies:

  • Analytical skills – Approach data with the right questions and strive to present data in the most informative and impactful way.  Be vigilant in validating outputs; the capacity to learn new methods of analysis and constant self-learning are critical.
  • Achieving Results – Be aware of key business objectives, and ensure these are applied appropriately to all business activities
  • Building Relationships – Able to develop effective relationships with Allocate colleagues and customers.
  • Influencing skills – Ability to influence both within the customer success team and the wider Allocate team.
  • Communication – Effective communication skills suitable for the management of and liaison with colleagues within the team and senior management, both on a one to one and one to many basis. Demonstrate effective communication, both orally and in writing, with colleagues and customers including producing reports, preparing, organising and delivering presentations using appropriate tools and techniques
  • Planning and Organising – Effective at determining a course of action by breaking it down into smaller steps and by planning and resourcing each of these, making allowance for potential problems.
  • Understanding Allocate – Aware of Allocate strategies, policies and procedures. Aware of how the organisation operates
  • Teamwork – Effective in contributing effectively towards the objectives of a team, and be able to share knowledge, ideas and information. Aware of the needs, objectives and constraints of those in other disciplines and functions
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making – Able to solve problems in a measured and creative way. Capable of independently assessing a wide variety of tasks, and be proactive in relation to identifying and undertaking activities that are to the benefit of the business. Able to balance long and short term objectives, and understand business value. Be responsible for own decisions
  •  Innovation, Flexibility and Adaptability – Undertake tasks with a positive attitude and respond well to management and customer requests. Must be prepared to meet business goals and respond well to change

Skills, Knowledge & Qualifications

  • Education – computer science, computing, IT or business systems desirable – preferably with quantitative research experience.
  • Professional Experience – Some experience in statistics, quantitative research and data visualisation desirable.
  • Analytical Thinking – Ability to apply quantitative data analysis techniques to improve processes, and ability to interpret data in a business framework (trends, opportunities, action items), present data, and provide analyses and insights to key stakeholders and senior management.
  • Training – Experience/knowledge of the Force Platform and NetSuite desirable.
  • Industry Trends & Developments – Must take initiative to ensure technical skills and specialisations are kept up to date in line with industry developments and ensure that all relevant skill sets are current.

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