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Allocate Software has been designing innovative products to optimise complex organisations since 1991. We have taken expertise from several industries and applied this to the specific issues and complexity of healthcare. Today we focus on delivering software tools to help healthcare institutions manage their staff safely and efficiently so that they can deliver exceptional care to all their patients. We have customers in 11 countries, with greater than 1 million people deployed using our software in over 800 organisations.

Our R&D function is a global function comprising more than 200 people with development centres across the United Kingdom, Macedonia, Sweden and Australia. R&D globally represents approx. one third of Allocate’s total headcount and has seen significant investment in recent years. Skopje is one of our primary development centres and a key pillar in our current and future strategy for engineering excellence. It currently houses more than 100 R&D staff members, with continued growth expected in the future.

Role Summary
(SecA) The Security Architect will be a cross-functional capability within R&D, whereby they will work across all engineering teams and squads to evolve our product portfolio to create a secure cloud native SaaS platform within AWS, as well as security design across several layers in our tech stack including network, data and applications. It is not expected for the candidate to code application layer security but make design decisions on how it should be secured such as encryption methods, authentication, web application security and secrets management working with software engineers and technical architects. Although this role is not strictly a cloud security role as other elements of security must be encompassed, this person will have a strong cloud background; a security architect “with a cloud security hat”.
They will be recommending ways to incorporate security by design into every technical design across all our products, as well as create security blueprints or policies working towards automated continuous compliance. They will also collaborate with other stakeholders such as DevOps and TechOps to ensure that all security technical solutions are supportable within our ecosystem and ensure quality alongside QA leads. The Security Architect will be practicing modern security architecture such as application identity for authorisation of access or micro segmentation methodologies.
The breadth of this role is wide, ranging from creating designs for engineering teams to architectural strategy alignment. The individual must be willing to learn and apply their skills across multiple technical requirements within the business.

As part of the R&D Architecture function as well as working with various Engineering teams, the Security Architect is accountable for:

Architectural alignment within Architecture team:

  • Apply security methodologies and best practices across our product portfolio and in AWS, in alignment with the architecture function.
  • Produce positioning documentation to define standard architectures to be adopted across R&D.
  • Create security design blueprints that can be adopted and used by engineers to create repeatable patterns.
  • Work with the Cloud Architect and Data Architect to define how modern security architecture within AWS can be applied across our product portfolio, providing a holistic security approach vs. siloed solutions.
  • Highlight any potential use cases whereby AWS cloud native services can replace existing monolithic or traditional security services within our technical stack.
  • Participate in the Architecture Review Board to ensure any proposed designs are discussed to ensure due diligence and impact assessments are performed.
  • Suggest potential architectural improvements to current products, working with architecture function and engineering.
  • Ensure alignment of design work with the Principal Architect or the Chief Architect, working with them to ensure your design components fit within the overall architecture strategy.
  • Suggest proof of concepts for new ideas which may contribute to ongoing roadmap activities within the architecture team.
  • Provide feedback to architectural roadmaps, make suggestions or enhancements.

Design and delivery across various Engineering product teams:

  • Working with other architects from other teams to share knowledge and re-use design components wherever possible.
  • Design security solutions using cloud native services within AWS to develop and evolve our SaaS platform as well across our product portfolio.
  • Automate security controls as much as possible, such as creating continuous compliance engines natively within AWS or use of automation tooling.
  • Embed security by design principles working with technical architects and other stakeholders to ensure security is not an afterthought during product development.
  • Be the security subject matter expert within R&D and a point of contact for security architecture guidance.
  • Assist in creating Functional and Non-Functional requirements for any security designs produced, working with QA to incorporate into their quality strategy.
  • Create high and low level designs for security solutions, working with various technical leads across R&D as appropriate.
  • Making informed decisions and taking ownership of project outcomes, owning architecture components.
  • Engaging in design and review processes as both an author and reviewer in conjunction with the Engineering Team and across multiple teams.
  • Assist in troubleshooting customer production issues alongside engineering teams if required.
  • Establish standards for non-functional outcomes incorporating security and operability considerations.
  • Ensuring relevant documentation is produced and accessible.
  • Highlight any design challenges to Engineering Directors regarding products, and feedback to the Architecture team if challenges impact overall architectural strategy such as deviations or exceptions.

Teamwork & Collaboration

  • Actively engaging in all quarterly release planning and preparation activities as appropriate.
  • Effectively communicating with product teams in various domains and beyond into other teams that could be impacted by design decisions and activities.
  • Providing technical leadership to team domain members. The Security Architect should be encouraged to mentor others within R&D on best security design practices or methodologies.

Technology Expertise

Ideally the candidate will have demonstrable experience in the following as part of the technical activities within this role:

  • Experience in designing security architecture within cloud native environments such as AWS and utilising serverless architecture to create security solutions.
  • Experience in security design for various pillars, including:
    • Network and interconnectivity/integration between different systems.
    • Data integrity, security in transit and at rest. Segregation of data between customer instances.
    • Encryption at all layers across a tech stack.
    • Authorisation and authentication.
    • Logging and monitoring.
    • Security governance, policies and process.
  • Experience in designing secure AWS architectures and security compliance services such as:
    • IaaS (e.g. VPC and associated network services, EC2, cloud native storage, ELB/NLB).
    • PaaS (e,g. RDS, Lambda, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, KMS, WAF, AWS Organizations, GuardDuty, Audit Manager, IAM and authentication).
  • Knowledge of automation and infrastructure as code within a cloud-native environment.
  • API-centric technologies.
  • Experience or knowledge in modern cloud architecture topologies to create scalable and repeatable solutions.
  • Knowledge of modern security tooling such as Datadog, Terraform Sentinel, Splunk, Qualys etc.

Core Competencies

  • Collaboration and leadership – To be able to work with others to assess architectural direction, to voice any concerns but also listen to others if challenges are identified. Collaborate with other architects to find best solutions for various problems as well as ensuring design and delivery of specific product sets are achieved alongside various domain teams.
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making – Gathers, verifies, and assesses all appropriate and available information to gain an accurate understanding of situations. Considers a range of possible options, evaluating evidence and seeking advice where appropriate and ultimately making well considered, clear, timely and justifiable decisions (or recommendations)
  • Communication – Effective communication skills suitable for liaising with colleagues within the Architecture function and within the broader Engineering product team, R&D Management Team and other key stakeholders, both on a one to one and one to many basis. Demonstrate effective communication, both orally and in writing, with colleagues and customers including producing/reviewing technical documentation, preparing, organising, and delivering presentations using appropriate tools and techniques, and taking a leading role in meetings and discussions.
  • Planning and Organising – Effective at determining a course of action by breaking it down into smaller steps and by planning and resourcing each of these, making allowance for potential problems.
  • Building Relationships – Able to develop effective relationships with Allocate colleagues and customers. Able to respond appropriately to feedback.
  • Influencing skills – Ability to influence both within the scrum squad, R&D Team and the wider Allocate organisation.
  • Understanding Allocate – Aware of Allocate strategies, policies, and procedures and how the organisation operates.
  • Influencing and Impact – Act in a professional manner and exhibit the required behaviour that should provide an example to other employees.  Identify goals and objectives and motivate and support others towards in delivery.
    – Able to network throughout the wider Allocate business and the user community. Needs to delegate tasks, responsibilities, and authorities effectively.
  • Innovation, Flexibility and Adaptability – Undertake tasks with a positive attitude and respond well to management and customer requests. Must be prepared to meet business goals and respond well to change
  • Leading Change – Positive about change, adapting rapidly to changing circumstances and encouraging flexibility in others.  Supportive in implementing key strategic changes within R&D whilst taking an innovative approach to solving problems and considers alternatives.

Skills, Knowledge and Experience
Candidates should ideally have:

  • Established experience as a Security Architect, ideally in modern architecture environments.
  • Degree in Computer Science/related field or relevant experience. University qualifications not necessary if demonstrable industry experience is achieved.
  • Experience creating HLDs and LLDs for security solutions within AWS and other systems outside the cloud..
  • Experience working with AWS services and Microsoft technologies within a security context (AD, Windows server, SQL databases etc.
  • Experience in collaborating alongside product teams or squads.
  • Working in an agile and DevOps environment.

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